Friday 3 December 2010


Cultivate a hobby or... take on a joint project together

Hobbies change over time along with age and the stages in life. When I was young, my favourite hobby was to play with my Barbie doll. When I was a teenager, my hobby was to go disco-skating with my childhood best friends. When I started working, one of my favourite hobbies was to go to the café with friends and chill out.

The hobbies that your spouse and you enjoyed together when you were boyfriend/girlfriend may also change. Many a marriages also drift apart because couples grow apart from each other unknowingly over the years because they cultivated hobbies apart from each other. That reduces the time available to spend with each other.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot have hobbies of your own, you just have to make sure that your hobby will not affect the health of your marriage due to neglect, which is easier said than done. Thus, it is important to try to cultivate one or two new hobbies together at every different stage of your marriage all the way into your old age.

When I was expecting J, my Significant Other and I attended Japanese cooking class together, as we are both very bad at cooking and would like to get better at it. We also like to play tennis together during the summer time and to go for walks together.

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