Wednesday 15 December 2010


J Summary (21M10D) - Missing mommy

This week mommy has to work overtime. Today, Daddy told me that J came home from daycare and went straight to look for me around the house, calling out "mor, mor". When he couldn't find me, he burst into tears. Daddy rang me on the mobile and pass the receiver to J. He smiled a lot. He burst into tears and was really sad, when we hung up the phone.

This evening at bed-time, I went downstairs to fetch the nursery rhyme book. J thought that I have left, and tears just rolled down his eyes. When I returned, we had a great time reading and singing the book, Daddy, Mommy and J. For the first time after so long, he actually sat still and listen until I finished the rhymes.

It was just so amazing just how someone could adore me so much. J made me feel like I am the most popular person on earth - for him. I should enjoy this while it lasts.

These few days, J had been crying with lots of tears when we left him at daycare. Daddy could feel that J was sad, because we didn't spend enough time with him and he was at the daycare for a long time. That made us sad too.

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