Tuesday 7 December 2010


Greek Yogurt/Græsk yogurt/希腊酸奶[Xī là suān nǎi]

This makes a quick, easy and healthy breakfast or snack. You can eat it simply with the mashed banana. The mashed banana adds a subtle favour and sweeten the yogurt naturally without added sugar.

If you can't find Greek yogurt in your supermarket, just use normal natural yogurt. It will still taste good too, just a little less creamy than the greek yogurt.

Mash 1 banana and blend with 1/2 cup of greek yogurt, and ready to serve for breakfast or snack.

Optional toppings:
To give it an extra crunch, you can also sprinkle on sunflower seeds, chopped pecan, almonds or any nuts, granula, blue berries, strawberries, etc. My personal favourite is chopped pecan and blue berries.

Nutritional value:
Compared to normal yogurt, Greek yogurt is more creamy and richer in texture, a consistency between that of yogurt and cheese (even for the low fat version), because the whey is removed in the making process. Thus, it is tastier than normal yogurt. Removing the whey makes greek yogurt more concentrated than normal yogurt, and this it is also higher in protein.

Greek yogurt's live and active culture content is much higher than that of regular yogurt. However it should be noted that liquid whey contains cystine, and amino acid that boosts your body's level s of the Cancer-fighting compound glutathione.

So to create variety, you can alternate eating normal yogurt and Greek yogurt.

Choose the lowest fat version, for example, the 0.1% fat is available in Denmark.

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